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Day 16 – Victoria to Nanaimo

July 17, 2017

This first day of my extended stay on Vancouver Island was light. I rolled my ankle pretty bad yesterday, in a parking garage of all places, so I need to once again take it easy for a few days.  I have a few ideas for the next week penciled in, but I’m not too worried about keeping a schedule.

Today, I took the scenic route from Victoria to Nanaimo, a port town about 60 miles to the north. The direct route is Highway 1, a four lane divided highway -which is also the western start of the Trans-Canada Highway- along the East coast.  I instead mapped out a route that would take me along the more remote West coast and then through the mountains across the island and into Nanaimo. That route didn’t quite work out, but more on that in a minute.

My first stop was for lunch in Sooke, a town that it should be noted has an annual festival called Sookapalooza.


At the delightfully named Whiffin Spit.

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Day 7 – From Bonners Ferry to Harrison, British Columbia

October 9, 2008

Another day of driving.

I spent most of the morning catching up on blog entries, and then headed out of Bonners Ferry around 11. I crossed into Canada probably an hour later and got on their Trans-Canada Highway, embodied in the these parts by Route 3. I’m told it goes from coast to coast, somewhat akin to our old Route 66. After about an hour, I ran into this guy named Will (note, I didn’t literally run into him. I literally ran into this guy named Brad. He didn’t mind.), a chef who was also heading to Vancouver. Being that two pocket books are better than one, he hitched a ride and I had some welcome company for the ten hours to Vancouver.

Route 3, by the by, is one of the most gorgeous roads I’ve ever been on. Though you’d probably want a vehicle with a bit more punch than mine to get up some of those inclines. The Mighty Kia wasn’t so mighty at times.

On the Trans-Canada Highway

On the Trans-Canada Highway

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