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Days 1-2 – San Francisco

July 3, 2017

And… here we go.

Early on, I’d decided that my first stop on this trip was going to to San Francisco. I’ve got a number of friends up there who are always nice to see, and the city itself is one of my favorite places to visit. I’m not sure I’d ever want to live there, for various reasons, but it’s always treated me well a few days at a time.

Ordinarily, if I’m heading to San Fransisco for anything other than business, I’ll either take the scenic coastal route, or stop off of one of the numerous parklands that can be on the way. However, I decided for this trip to skip past anything that’s within day trip or weekend trip range. Spending time on things I can see or do on just about any weekend would only take time away from the things I may never have a chance to see or do again. So, I was taking the entirely business-like route, right up The 5 through the Central Valley, a 5-6 hour drive, depending on traffic.

I had been planning on leaving LA at 6am so that I would get into San Francisco by noon, having the rest of the day and the following day there. I realized by Friday evening that that wasn’t happening, so I resolved to still get up at 6, take care of all the remaining preparations, and leave no later that 10:00am. I pulled out of my parking garage promptly at 1:37pm. You’d think that at some point, I’d get better at this.

I’ve done this drive several times now, and it never gets any better.


Traffic leaving LA was about what you’d expect.


The Grapevine is always fun though.

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Amtrak for the Holidays, Part 2

February 2, 2012

Aftre doing the whole Home For The Holidays thing for a few days, it was time to start heading back West.  If I was being totally practical, I would have gone back the way I came, taking the Southwest Chief directly back to LA.  Always leery of excessive practicality, I decided to instead go back to LA via San Francisco.  This was partly just to avoid taking the same route twice, but was mostly due to the fact that Amtrak’s Chicago – San Francisco train is called The California Zephyr.  I’ll be honest, the phrase “California Zephyr” is probably what sold me on going Amtrak to begin with.  I’m a sucker for cool place names, and apparently, cool train names as well.

It's kind of like Smucker's. With a name like California Zephyr, it has to be good.

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Thanksgiving Perambulation

January 26, 2012

Hold on to your butts.  This is a long one.

I had some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday, whether I wanted it or not.  Being that the four day weekend wasn’t quite long enough to drive the 2200 miles to Ohio and back, I instead took the time for a mini road trip.  I had wanted to head back out to Joshua Tree, if nothing else to see what it looked like when it wasn’t gloomy and raining all day, had been meaning to get up to San Francisco to visit some friends for a while, and there was a green spot on the map between SanFran and LA called Pinnacles National Monument that looked interesting.

Joshua Tree, Take Two

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Day 27 – From San Francisco to Ventura, CA

October 29, 2008

After a bit of self inflicted hullabaloo (at one point, I mistook the fistful of change in my pocket for my keys and thus left said keys in Ryan’s apartment), I made it out of San Francisco much more easily than Vancouver. Once again, I made for the coast and followed Route 1, locally christened “The Cabrillo Highway.”

The fog rolled in pretty hardcore not long into the drive, once more limiting my photographic hijinks, which is probably a good thing so far as making good time goes. Despite the weather’s best efforts to keep my pace up, I did find a few excuses the get the camera out:

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On Palaces and Presidios

October 24, 2008

I’ve got another pile of photos, so I figured I’d better toss out another update while I have the chance:

In Mitchell, SD, they have the Corn Palace (hit up this earlier post for the lowdown). Not to be outdone, Daly City (just south of SanFran) has the Cow Palace:

In Soviet Russia, Cow Palace visits you!

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San Fran, Day 2

October 21, 2008

I spent most of the day researching and catching up on blog entries, but I ventured out for a bit:

View of downtown from 20th Ave.

View of downtown from 20th St.

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San Francisco – Big, Hilly

October 21, 2008

I spent about ten hours today wandering around the city by bike, and my quads might fall off.  I’m serious. I could very well wake up tomorrow, and see them laying on the floor, still smoldering.  I thought Vancouver was hilly. San Francisco isn’t just hilly, it’s absurd.  Yes, I know, the city’s famous for its hills, but really, that’s mistating things. “Famous” has positive connotations. A city can be “famous” for its cuisine, nightlife, or public transit system.  SanFran shouldn’t be “famous for its hills”, it should be “infamous for its mankind hating topography of strife and failure.”

Anywho.  Besides trying to acclimate to spirit crushing hills of despair, I’ve started to get a decent grasp of the size and layout of the city.  For one, it feels fair amount larger than Vancouver.  I spent about the same amount of time biking on day-one up North and covered much of downtown and made a wide circle through suburbia.  Today, in SanFran, the same mileage just got me around San Francisco itself; no ‘burbs to be found.

It was overcast most of the day, but the sun did manage to sneak out for about an hour late in the afternoon.  As it happened, that was the hour I was closing in on the Golden Gate, so you today get the Obligatory Golden Gate Photos:

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