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A Quick Buzz Through Yellow Springs

September 4, 2009

This one’s a quickie.

A while back, I had occasion to drive down to Dayton.  Because of my vehicular situation (the subject of a later post),  I basically can’t drive on the interstate for an extended length of time with any confidence that it won’t end in tears.  As such, a drive to Dayton no longer means a seamless jaunt down 75, but rather a slog down the backroads and byways.  This means that I end up driving through the village of Yellow Springs.

I’m not sure what I can say about Yellow Springs that hasn’t already been said.  Some people are described as “being their own person.”  Yellow Springs is like that.  As a town, it has a certain affinity for a certain free wheeling decade, a certain summer of love.  It’s kind of like The Land that Time Forgot, only with hippies instead of dinosaurs.

There’s an entire store devoted to Tie-Dye.  The local theater was at one point showing Monty Python and the Search for the Holly Grail.  According to legend, one of the restaurants once used a certain easy going herb as a pizza topping.  Hemp is everywhere.  Shoes are purely optional.  Basically, there is no shortage if things to titillate my appreciation of the ridiculous.

At some point, I’m going to have to head down there and make a day of it.  Alas, this is not that post.  Rather, I was expecting to just pass through quietly.  However, on that particular day, there was some manner of street fair/festival going on.  I’m not entirely sure if this was an annual event type of thing or just something they all decided to do that weekend.  Either way, I parked the truck and snapped a few pictures.

Ha Ha Pizza, made somehwhat famous in Dave Chappelle's Block Party

Ha Ha Pizza, made somewhat famous in Dave Chappelle's Block Party

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On Palaces and Presidios

October 24, 2008

I’ve got another pile of photos, so I figured I’d better toss out another update while I have the chance:

In Mitchell, SD, they have the Corn Palace (hit up this earlier post for the lowdown). Not to be outdone, Daly City (just south of SanFran) has the Cow Palace:

In Soviet Russia, Cow Palace visits you!

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