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Days 53-54 – Rossland, BC to Reno, NV

August 24, 2017

I finally got fast forward in gear. In the last two days, I’ve covered 900 miles, bringing me from British Columbia to Reno, Nevada. I didn’t make any stops along the way, so the only photos I have to show for those miles are snapshots fired from the hip while driving (I won’t tell my insurance company if you won’t) or while stopped on the side of the road.

I finished my time in Canada on British Columbia Route 3…

2017-08-22_5736_BC 3

2017-08-22_5749_Christina Lake

Christina Lake

…after which I finally crossed the border into Washington. I crossed specifically where I did so that I could catch U.S. Route 395. I have a fondness for the pre-interstate cross country federal highways. They usually cross more scenic country than the interstates and are a more charming way to travel if you have the time.

I’ve wanted to drive one from end to end for a while, and this seemed like a good opportunity. U.S. Route 395 runs 1,305 miles from the U.S.-Canada Border to the Mojave Desert in Southern California. I’ve been on 395 at various times and various places between Lake Tahoe and Death Valley, but the northern half will be all new territory for me.

2017-08-22_5761_US 395

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Day 8 – Portland and Vancouver, WA

July 12, 2017

I got into Vancouver yesterday evening, and after spending a few hours catching up with a friend from High School, along with his wife, four excitable kids, and two dogs, luxuriated in a bed for the first time since San Francisco (Thanks Chris).

I’d never been to Portland, so I headed that way in the morning. Besides the local used bookstore (Powell’s City of Books) which is pretty great, I can’t say I’m in love with the city.

Ninety percent of what I knew of Portland before today came from Portlandia, and from what I can tell, it wasn’t far off the mark. Looking at the people on the street and in the shops, I couldn’t help but be a little on edge, worried on some level that if I said or did anything, I’d be tarred and feathered for committing a microagression or something. And the parks… oh dear lord. They seemed to frequented chiefly by the Militantly Filthy; people of means that certainly could clean themselves up at least to the point where they wouldn’t smell so bad, but believe that taking a shower is a capitulation to The Man or something.

Whatever. I’m sure it’s actually a fine town. I just need to visit on some other occasion, during one of the three or four times a year I’m in a good mood.


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Day 7 – Crater Lake National Park

July 12, 2017

This one’s a quicky. With most of the park inaccessible, and with my body still telling me to take it easy, I didn’t do much today.

I drove as much of the road as was open, taking photos at a few viewpoints as I went…

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Day 6 – Lava Beds National Monument

July 12, 2017
2017-07-06_4098_Hill Road

Morning View

It turns out that what you do at Lava Beds National Monument is you go caving. The main selling features of the park are the twenty or so lava tube caves with marked and developed entrances. For someone nursing a sunburn, spending most of the day underground is just about perfect.

Unfortunately, it turns out cave photography is really difficult, especially when all you have for light sources is a 50 lumens headlamp. So I didn’t really get much in the way of usable photos, and the photos I did get really don’t do these environments justice.

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Day 17 – From Raymond, Washington to Northern California

October 21, 2008

Route 3 in British Columbia is gorgeous, and Route 101 in Oregon ain’t half bad either.

First, while still in Washington, and when it was still early and gloomy out, I happened to see a derelict ship just off the road. It took a while, but I finally found a few decent angles for photos:

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