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Change in Residence: Part 1 – Bowling Green to Somewhere in Oklahoma

August 6, 2011

So much for my itinerary.  After day two, I was supposed to be in the vicinity of Springfield, MO.  Instead, I overshot and am somewhere west of Oklahoma City.

After dinner with my family in Dayton, I arrived in Indianapolis on schedule.  Gen Con is this week, and several good friends are attending.  Since Indy was on my route, it was a great opportunity both to visitate and to wander the convention hall floor.  Gen Con’s particular brand of nerdery isn’t really my bag, but any time when that many people, all passionate about the same thing, gather in one place, it’s something to see.  The cosplay alone was worth the price on admission.

Who's Awsome? Abe Lincoln. Who's more awsome than Abe Lincoln? Abe Lincoln on stilts.

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Day 44: From Amarillo to Oklahoma City

November 14, 2008

I accomplished both of my goals in Texas and have now finished th first leg of a long drive through flyover country.

My day started though along Route 87 in Northern Texas. I got into Amarillo a little after nine and after a bit of searching, found the Cadillac Ranch:

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