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Heading North

July 1, 2017

Well, if after my last post, if you had been holding your breath waiting for my next post, you’ve been dead for about five years now.

Sorry about that.

I originally started this blog way back in 2008 to document a cross country road trip from Ohio, where I still lived at the time, to the west coast and back.  I continued posting after that trip here and there, moved to LA, documented that trip, posted here and there in LA, and eventually lost interest.

Five years later, I’m about to set out on another cross country road trip, this time from LA to Alaska and back.

As people would learn of my travel plans, I was getting a lot of people saying, “Take lots of pictures!”, or “Are you going to post photos?”, or “You gotta Instagram that shit bro!”  Well, I don’t Instagram, bro, but I do have this blog to bring out of mothballs, so here you go. (“You” being my mom, my 14 friends on Facebook, and anybody that accidentally stumbles across this while googling for something else.)

I skimmed over all of my old posts here*, and saw that when I set out on my original trip in 2008, I included a photo of my car, the vehicle that would carry me into the unknown, as it were, to start things out.  It seemed appropriate to do that here as well:


After I get this post up, I’m going to the bank, have a few other errands to run, and then will be on my way.  There will be more to follow soon.

*On a personal note, I looked over my old posts only to re-acclimate myself to this blog.  I recommend not doing that.  Some of the photos are ok, but the writing… oh holy God the writing.  It is so bad.  Some of it’s fine, but a lot of it… what the hell was wrong with me?  Did I think I was clever?

I once had a friend, post college, who was absolutely mortified when she ran across some of her old LiveJournal posts from high school.  I sympathized, but didn’t truly understand until now.  Feel free to look at the photos from previous posts, but do me a favor, do yourself a favor, don’t read anything.


Cycling CicLAvia

June 12, 2012

CicLAvia is an awkwardly named semi-regular event in downtown Los Angeles where a selection of major streets are closed to automobile traffic for an afternoon and given over to other uses.  The name comes from the more general term ciclovía, which directly translates from Spanish as “bike path.”  LA’s ciclovía apparently drew its inspiration from a similar but larger, longer standing, and much more regular practice in Bogatá.

CicLAvia is only in it’s second year, so as far as metro events go, it’s just getting started.  Still, it’s kind of a big deal.  Apparently, somewhere over 100,000 people had turned out for previous events.  I wanted to see what 100,000 people walking and biking around the urban core of the most famously car centric city on the planet looked like.  So I grabbed my camera, got on my bike, and headed towards 7th Street, one of the main CicLAvia thoroughfares.

I spent the afternoon wandering the CicLAvia route, seeing what I could see.  What I found was bikes.  Lots and lots of bikes.

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Amtrak for the Holidays, Part 1

January 28, 2012

As Christmas approached, I was faced with the question of whether I could/should go home for the holidays.  Having recently moved from Ohio to LA, this was substantially more troublesome all the sudden.  “Going home” used to entail a short hop down 75 followed by some state routes, etc.  About 180 miles in total.  I was now looking at over 2,200.  I took a lot of math classes in high school, all of which told me that 2,200 is more that 180.

I weighed the costs and benefits of making the trip (i.e. dithered), looking at expense, timetables, etc.  Eventually, I decided that I had time and money enough to make the trip.  Now that the if was answered, it was time to answer the how.  By this point, it was already early December, and plane tickets would have run over $1400.  Out of the question.  A cross country Greyhound trip on a tight schedule, while something everyone should do once, wasn’t something I was looking forward too after the last time (subject of another post perhaps).  I thought about driving, but I’ve kind of been there and done that.  It finally occurred to me that we have this thing in America called Amtrak.

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Weekend in Limbo

September 4, 2011

So I was homeless last weekend.  I couldn’t move in to my apartment until Sunday afternoon and the hostel I was at had no vacancy for the weekend.  So I had nowhere to stay from 10:30 Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.  I suppose I could have stayed at a hotel or something, but that’s decidedly blasé.  Instead, I sort of wandered for about 26 hours.

I spent most of the afternoon perambulating around Runyon Canyon Park, a few blocks off of Hollywood Boulevard.  It’s basically Griffith Park’s much smaller sibling.

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Change in Residence: Part 4 – Arrival

August 10, 2011

I’ve been in LA for a day and a half now.  I’m set up at a hostel for the week, and I’m now in the business of getting things situated out here;  Finding an apartment, finding work, etc.  So this post concludes things for now.  Posts like “Looked at an apartment today.  Bathroom smelled funny.” aren’t really what this blog is about.  I’ll be finding plenty to point my camera at in the future, and I’ve still got a lot of older material that I want to post, so stay tuned, if desired.

Yep. Definitely not in Ohio anymore.


Day 37: From Mono Lake to Death Valley

November 8, 2008

I was going to hit up the East side of Yosemite today, but I decided to see what this Mono Lake was about. As soon as a I saw a picture, I decided heading down there was mandatory.

The South Tufa area of Mono Lake

The South Tufa area of Mono Lake

Tufa is apparently an underwater calcium deposit phenomenon. The water level of Mono lake was lowed significantly when much of it’s depository streams were diverted for use by the city of Los Angeles, exposing several tufa patches. The tree hugger in me cringes, but the shutter bug heartens.

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Day 32: From Los Angeles to Sequoia National Park

November 5, 2008

Today, I left LA and started on what is at least nominally the return leg of my trip.

First though, I was more than happy to fulfill a maternal request:

The Pier at Huntington Beach

The Pier at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a municipality (and beach, obviously) about three quarters of the way down the coast on the “Los Angeles & Vicinity” map in my road atlas. It also has the privilege of having been a part of my Mom’s formative years.

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