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Weekend in Limbo

September 4, 2011

So I was homeless last weekend.  I couldn’t move in to my apartment until Sunday afternoon and the hostel I was at had no vacancy for the weekend.  So I had nowhere to stay from 10:30 Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.  I suppose I could have stayed at a hotel or something, but that’s decidedly blasé.  Instead, I sort of wandered for about 26 hours.

I spent most of the afternoon perambulating around Runyon Canyon Park, a few blocks off of Hollywood Boulevard.  It’s basically Griffith Park’s much smaller sibling.

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My Time in LA, or Parts of it Anyway

October 31, 2008

My time in LA is drawing to a close. I should be heading out some time tomorrow, possibly in the afternoon, but no later than end of business. My stay in Los Angeles has been rather different than my stays in Vancouver and SanFran, mostly because I’ve been much busier here.

I had decided to spend a full work week in each of the three cities, and in the first two, spent most of that time getting a feel for the place and trying to figure out what work opportunities there might be. Both times, it took a while before I actually found anywhere to drop a resume off at. Even then, there were only a few places that seemed applicable. Either I’m finally getting the hang of this, or the disparity between the job market outside of LA and inside of it is truly enormous, even more so than I would have thought. Just researching companies, talking to people, and dropping of resumes has taken the great bulk of my time. This last week has been the most business-like of the entire trip, which is no bad thing. I’m not burning all this money just to sight see. Still it has been different. For instance, I find it a bit odd that I’ve been in LA for the better part of a week, and will most likely leave it without ever actually going to Los Angeles proper. I’ve been around Hollywood, all over and back and forth in North Hollywood (There’s a high concentration of FX studios and Scene Shops up there), as far North as Santa Clarita, and as far South as Santa Monica, but never made it into downtown.

Meh. I’d rather be busy than not.

I did find some downtime this afternoon, so I took the chance to get closer to the Hollywood sign:

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