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Day 45: From Oklahoma City to Crawfordsville, Indiana

November 14, 2008

I covered a lot of miles today, and not much else, save the notable exception of stopping by my friend Neal’s place near the University of Illinois and catching up for a while. After some tasty Thai food and conversation, I got back on the road due East and drove until safety concerns had me looking for a truck stop. That has brought me to Crawfordsville, about 30 miles into Indiana.

During my ten hours of interstate driving, I took only a couple photos. First, I did drive through St. Louis, so here’s the obligatory St. Louis Arch Photo:

Later, this indelible nugget of Americana caught my eye while getting gas in Illinois:

I think the people from Vernal have been through here.

I think the people from Vernal have been through here.

And that’s it for Day 45. Lots of miles, not much to report.

Day 45 Stats:

Miles Covered: Today: 760 To Date: 10,312
States/Provinces: Today: 4 To Date: 21


Day 42: From Heber, UT to Denver, CO

November 11, 2008

Today was a long drive along Route 40, a quick side trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, and the arrival into the outskirts of Denver.

Some photos from the road:

Wow. And I thought Bong Recreation Area was akwardly named.

Wow. And I thought "Bong State Recreation Area" was akwardly named.

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