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Day 28 – Dalton Highway, Northbound – Part 2

August 6, 2017

Having gone to bed at two in the morning, I woke up later than I’d of liked and didn’t really get moving until almost noon. The plan for the morning, now early afternoon, was to hike from the campground to the park boundaries of Gates of the Arctic National Park, just to accomplish having been there. I wasn’t setting my ambitions any higher than that.

The more I looked at the map though, the more I felt that even that would be aiming high. It looked like the park boundaries would be at minimum a five mile hike, but could easily be closer to 10, making it a 10-20 mile round trip, off-trail. That was just more than I was willing to get myself into.

I looked over my maps again and noticed one of the places where the park was only a mile or two from the road seemed to feature a wide, flat valley that would be dead easy to follow. I’m much more willing to take a chance on two miles than 10. The only problem was there would be a river crossing involved, and I had no idea how wide or deep that river would be, so it could be a dead end. That, and the area I was looking at was 75 miles behind me, so getting there and back would burn three to four hours.

I decided it was worth giving it a shot, so I got in the truck and headed south.

2017-07-28_0340_Dalton Highway

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