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Day 32 – Denali National Park – Day 2

August 10, 2017

As mentioned, I was non-plussed on my first day in Denali National Park that Denali itself was obscured by cloud cover the entire day.  My flightseeing tour on Day 2 more than made up for that.

After my 8am flight was rescheduled for 3pm, I mostly ate and napped to kill the time between.

When I got back to the airstrip just before 3:00, the weather had indeed cleared up and the flight was still on. Unfortunately, the glacier landing zones where still fogged over, or “socked in” in pilot speak, so the glacier landing was ruled out. Bummer.  They did give a $100 discount for the change.

Even without a glacier landing, the flight was still pretty spectacular.  The flight plan went through the park, mostly over the road I’d struggled with for much of the previous day, and into the heart of the Alaskan Range, getting within a quarter mile of Denali, which with a mountain that size, is kissing distance.

2017-08-01_1476_Fly Denali

One of Fly Denali’s several planes.

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