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Day 5 – Lassen Volcanic National Park, Cont.

July 12, 2017

Another morning, another stand of pines to great me:

2017-07-05_3718_California 89

Today was, as expected, interesting. Also, very, very tiring. Actually, it wasn’t so much that today itself was all that tiring. It’s more that the bill from the last several days came due. In the weeks leading up to this trip, I was keenly aware that I was way out of shape, or at least not close to the kind of shape I wanted to be in for the kinds of hikes I was planning.

So I tried to dedicate time to getting back into shape. Tried, and failed. Just the bike ride from San Francisco to the Marin Headlands and back on Day 2 took a lot out of me. So I decided to take it easy the next day. Instead, I hiked a trail with a 2000′ elevation gain. After that and yesterday’s snow shenanigans, I woke up today not wanting to move. But, there were volcanoes and lava beds to see, so I worked out the kinks as best I could and headed towards a trailhead. Read the rest of this entry ?