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This Took Longer Than Expected

August 4, 2011

So this is finally happening.  In 2002, I came to Bowling Green to start college at BGSU.  Five years after graduation, I’m still here.  Oops.  That changes today.

After a very long period of saving money, losing money, paying down debt, gaining debt, and working the precious few career track jobs I could find, I have finally come to a point where I can move forward, or at least make a respectable attempt.  In about an hour, I will have finished packing and will be on my way to Los Angeles, where I have the best chance of landing work in my chosen field.

Overall, BG has been good to me.  But after nine years, I’m more than ready to see what’s next.  As a touch of ceremony, below is one of the first photos I took in BG.  It was about midway through first semester freshman year.  I ventured into the Doyt Perry stadium hoping for  good sunset.  I’m not sure why I thought there’d be one, being that there hadn’t been a single cloud in the sky the entire day.  I was about to leave when a flock of migrating bird happened by.  This shot looks out across the BGSU campus, Kreischer Quad barely visible in the foreground, the Jerome Library, and the city building in the distance.

So long BG.


Staying On Top of Things

June 18, 2011

So I have this thing about being on the roofs of things.  It’s something I like to do.   This has worked out well the last few years, as the house I’ve been living at has practically a playland of angles and platforms on top of it.

Seriously, it looks like something out of Mario64.

What with the banquet of off-kilter angles, I”ve found myself up there more than a few times with camera in hand.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of the photos, as well as some of my other roof-top exploits.