Day 4 – Lassen Volcanic National Park

July 12, 2017

It turns out I shouldn’t have been surprised by the amount of snow I was seeing in the mountains above Truckee. That was only a light dusting compared to what I encountered today.

I started out in a large turnout off California 89, maybe five miles outside of Lassen Volcanic National Park, in Northeast California.

Upon seeing the surroundings in daylight, I found that the turnout was actually the start of a forest road. I had no idea where it lead, only that it went up, which was good enough for me.

2017-07-04_3304_Lassen National Forest

2017-07-04_3325_Lassen National Forest

2017-07-04_3310_Lassen National Forest

After some twists, turns, and dead ends, the forest road dumped me out onto an unmarked paved road. Not having a map of any kind, I figured “Down” would take me back to the highway, which it eventually did.

I soon wound up in the national park, where I planned out this whole two day itinerary of hikes and other stops, all stemming from 89, which winds through the park north-to-south.

It was only after this all this planning that I found out that 89 through the park is still closed for the winter. In July.

My well made plans thus irrelevant, I made a new plan, for the day at least. I decided to head to where the road was closed, about five miles down the road and about 1400 feet up, where I’d be able to hook up with a trail that went through something called the “Bumpass Hell,” by a lake, some falls, and eventually back to the Visitor Center, where I’d hike back up the road to the trailhead.

Well, I got up there, circled the large parking lot three times, and finally figured out that the trail that was the foundation of my new plan… was also still closed for the winter. And by closed for the winter, I mean under four feet of snow.

Not having anywhere else to go, I got my pack together and decided to follow 89, past the “Road Closed” signs, for a while on foot. I quickly discovered that when Mother Nature decides to snow over a road up here, she doesn’t mess around. There were large sections where, if I hadn’t known there was a road underneath me I never would have guessed at it’s presence. Overall, it was an interesting hike. Exhausting, with the 8000′ elevation and hard-pack but still difficult snow, but not quite like any other hike I’ve taken.

2017-07-04_3356_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3364_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3370_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3379_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3385_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3399_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3403_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3415_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3422_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3425_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3442_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3445_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3451_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3457_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3460_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3466_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3471_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3478_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3489_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3502_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3525_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3534_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3538_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3544_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3558_Lassen Volcanic National Park

After several hours in the snow, I got back to my car and started heading back down the mountains towards a long detour to the west to get to the north side of the park.

A few shots between the Bumpass Trailhead and the Visitor Center:

2017-07-04_3584_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3590_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3621_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3632_Lassen Volcanic National Park

When I got back to the visitor center, I decided I still had plenty of day light left for a short hike, so here’s a few photos from a trail heading due west:

2017-07-04_3654_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3664_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3668_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3676_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3679_Lassen Volcanic National Park

2017-07-04_3685_Lassen Volcanic National Park

After that, I had a long drive through Tehama and Shasta counties that took most of the night. Along the way, I happened across a utility access road that lead into Eagle Valley, where I found a decent view of the sunset:

2017-07-04_3700_Eagle Canyon

I’m presently pulled off Highway 44, about a twenty minute drive from the Butte Lake area of the park, where there are apparently several lakes, expansive lava beds, and an extinct volcano. So, tomorrow should be interesting.


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