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Yosemite on the Spur of the Moment

May 20, 2012

I’ll say this for Southern California, I’m loving being able to put the phrase “spur of the moment” and “Yosemite” in the same sentence.  Back in February, due to the vagaries of the entertainment industry, I was “between projects”, also known as “unemployed,” for several weeks.  In the middle of this period, I found myself rather bored at 9 o’clock on a Thursday night, and thought to myself, “Well, why not drive up to Yosemite?”  And so I did.

After tossing my mobile-hotel room gear and pack in the car, I hit the road and wound up on Yosemite’s southern doorstep around 3:00am.  I have no real idea where I pulled off to sleep that night, but looking at the map now, it must have been near the town of Fish Camp.  Yeah, Fish Camp.  Wikipedia tells me that this particular Census Designated Place was named in connection to the local fish hatchery.  I for one am besotted with mental images of a bunch of trout working towards merit badges.

Anyway, I got into the park the next day.  With the late night, I had a late morning, so I just pointed my nose towards the closest hiking trail and got started.  I wound up parked in a large turnout in the general area of Wawona.

Wawona’s an interesting place, at least in concept.  The town, with about 160 year round residents, lies entirely inside of the park.  So there’s a place where you can live, with, you know, a mail box and stuff, inside Yosemite National Park.  I contemplated this lifestyle as I walked along the road to the trail head.  Could I still get my Netflix?

I had a route planned out for the day that would either take me on a very long loop or be a day long out-and-back.  Instead, I got distracted.  As I was hiking along Chilnualna Creek, I heard the siren call of a waterfall and ventured off-trail to investigate.

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