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Out With the Old, In With the Older

October 12, 2009

This one is long, long overdue, but the thought didn’t occur to me until today, so, here it is.

Anyone who was reading when I was out and about last Fall will recall my home away from home, The Mighty Kia.  (Here’s a recap for those just joining us)

As I was starting my westward sojourn, I expressed more than a little trepidation about executing such a trip with such questionable transportation. Nine years old. Over 100K. Kia. Not an ideal choice of equipment for traversing a continent. My concerns were both totally unjustified and completely justified. They were unjustified in that despite some issues, the crazy thing did get me there and back.   But as it turns out, doing so was basically the car’s last full measure of devotion.  It got me back, but only just.   Before the trip, it was in pretty rough shape.  Afterwards, it was waddling on last tentacle.

The muffler had developed a hole and was being held on in large part with  a 99¢ U-bracket bought at an Idaho hardware store. The front bumper  was being held on with zip ties.  The four wheel drive stopped working at some point. It kind of smelled bad.  But most troublesomely, after wheezing and convulsing up and down mountain highways in Montana and British Columbia, not to mention getting stuck in the sand on a Northern California beach, the transmission was starting to slip badly.

This last was a major problem, because without four wheel drive and snow coming… Well.  Before long, I found myself with a car that was something decidedly less than mighty. After getting stuck in the snow several times, the transmission was burned up completely could only engage in reverse.  (This made for an interesting trip home that night.)So, with a car not worth fixing in one hand and extremely tight finances in the other, I did the only thing I could do.  I junked the car, opened up Firefox, sashayed over to Craigslist, set the max price to $500, clicked “Search”, and ended up with this:

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A Belated Recap

October 6, 2009

So way back in back in April, I headed down to Columbus for the 2009 Creekside Blues and Jazz festival.  I’d never been to a blues and jazz festival, and my dad had decided to foot the bill, so good times had by all (except my dad’s pocket book). Unfortunately, I have little to no knowledge of or experience in music, so I can’t comment much on the aural particulars.  I did however take the camera along for the ride, and got out of the old folding chair for a handful of acts to bone up on my action photography skills.

So here, in reverse-chronological order (’cause sometimes I roll that way), are some of the photos from the day:

First (last) up is Jimi Vincent of The Jimi Vincent Band. This guy is so photogenic that I probably could have hit the shutter button sneezing and got a pretty decent shot.

This guy was, how do you say?...Rocking out.

He was, how do you say?…ROCKING OUT!

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