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A New Post, Because the World Demanded It

January 28, 2009

Actually, I’m pretty sure nobody demanded it, but here’s a new post anyways.

In my last post, I paid some lip service to the idea of continuing to use this blog as an outlet for my photographic shenanigans.  That lip service didn’t amount to much more than some brain service, as I thought about posting this-or-that, but never quite got around to it.  I’ve decided to finally knock off with the lip and brain service and commence with some… hand… service and start actually doing something, all the while seeing how far up I can ratchet up the pointless sexual innuendo.

I’ve got very little to post tonight; just a few snapshots that I find vaguely appealing:

First up, a tiny slice of the goings-on around the house the week before Thanksgiving:

This kind of reminds me of the album cover for the soundtrack to Videodrome.

This kind of reminds me of that scene in Videodrome where the guy's head gets sucked into a TV.

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